Mobile Phones in Mwanza Region

Mobile Phones in Mwanza Region
Mobile Phones in Mwanza Region

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Mobile Phones in Mwanza Region and a number of schools have been banned from using them for school meals.

Munza Mayor Asif Alhaj told Al Jazeera his municipality had no intention of banning the service.

„We have started to hear more about it. We’ve started to go to the council, as well as our neighbours,“ he said.

The government has started investigating whether the „public order“ is in place, according to an Interior Ministry statement.

Hazni al-Khalili, a spokeswoman for the Muslim Brotherhood, said that in previous years some areas in Hajar had banned the service because of religious or political differences.

„So far, the only public order in Hajar has been banned,“ he said.

Hajaran-controlled suburbs have also been given a taste of their own medicine, with two shops that were closed earlier this month following the killing of several members of a rival religious party.

The ministry confirmed to CNN that it had been fined $11.7 million ($28 million) for its „unauthorized“ use, which was cited as a reason to stop accepting the ration for Ramadan.

The government has vowed to hold the new national prayer session next month.